The 4 Best Products to Use After Microneedling

Microneedling with platelet-rich-plasma (PRP), also referred to in the media as a “vampire facial,” is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat skin concerns by stimulating collagen production. The process involves drawing blood from your arm, separating platelets, and injecting them into your face with tiny needles. The micro-injuries from the needle punctures and PRP stimulate the growth of new skin cells and elastin production. The procedure treats a variety of skin concerns including wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, and acne scars leaving the skin smoother, brighter, and more youthful

However, in the days and weeks after a microneedling procedure, your skin may feel dry, tight, and sensitive due to these micro-injuries. Therefore, it is important to take special care of your skin in order to prevent irritation, promote healing, and see fast results. Continue reading to learn the best products to use after microneedling.  

1. Wash Your Face with a Gentle Cleanser

Following the microneedling procedure, it is important to wait until the next morning to cleanse the skin. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser free of harsh chemicals so as to not irritate or dehydrate the skin. It is also important to wash your hands before touching your face. 

The ZO Skin Health Gentle Cleanser is one of the best products to use after microneedling since it is specially formulated for sensitive skin. Key ingredients include sodium lauroyl oat amino acids to support skin barrier function and prevent post-cleansing dryness as well as a botanical extract blend, which provides anti-irritant and antioxidant benefits. 

2. Apply an Antioxidant Serum

After cleansing the skin, apply a soothing antioxidant serum to restore hydration and promote overall skin health. We recommend the ZO Skin Health Daily Power Defense as it contains Ceramide 6 to help restore barrier function as well as the antioxidant Vitamin E. The antioxidant protection of this serum will promote skin rejuvenation and restoration. 

3. Restore the Skin’s Natural Moisture with a Hydrating Cream

The next step is to replenish the skin’s moisture using a hydrating product that is free of harsh ingredients, such as the ZO Skin Health Hydrating Creme. This moisturizer is one of the best products to use after microneedling since it is formulated to aid in skin recovery by delivering hydrating and calming benefits to post-procedure skin. 

Key ingredients include ophiopogon japonicus root extract and colloidal oatmeal, which help to restore skin barrier function and hydration. The formula also contains ZOX12®, an exclusive 12-hour time release antioxidant complex to further promote healing. 

4. Protect the Skin with Daily SPF

Following a microneedling treatment, the skin is extremely sensitive to the sun. In addition to doing your best to stay out of direct sunlight, we recommend applying SPF daily and reapplying every two hours. 

We recommend the ZO Skin Health Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 as it is specifically formulated for sensitive and post-procedure skin. This lightweight, non-irritating sunscreen protects against damaging effects from UVA, UVB and HEV light. Key ingredients include ZOX12® complex, an exclusive antioxidant blend which protects the skin from free radical damage and IR-A rays. Bisabolol and beta-glucan also help soothe the skin and minimize any inflammation that may have occurred following the procedure. 

For easy reapplication over make-up and throughout the day, try the Sunscreen + Powder Broad-Spectrum, which provides buildable coverage with color-enhancing pigments in addition to SPF protection. 

Microneedling Aftercare Do’s and Don’ts 


  • Use skincare products formulated for post-procedure skin 
  • Wash your hands before touching your face
  • Apply products with antioxidants
  • Wear SPF everyday and reapply every two hours 
  • Keep the skin as hydrated as possible 


  • Apply makeup within 72 hours following the procedure
  • Engage in intense exercise within 72 hours following the treatment 
  • Exfoliate the skin in the first few weeks after treatment 
  • Apply retinoids or acids for one week following treatment
  • Expose the skin to the sunlight for long periods of time or use tanning beds

PRP Microneedling at Aqua Vitae

Ready to give your skin a younger, smoother, and brighter appearance? Here at Aqua Vitality, we specialize in safe and effective microneedling treatments. The entire procedure takes about an hour and a half and you will begin to notice results in about four to six weeks, once full collagen remodeling has taken place. In order to see the best results and take full advantage of the treatment, it is important to have a post-procedure skincare routine in place. 

After your treatment, our skincare experts will recommend the best products to use after microneedling in order to promote healing. For more information about PRP microneedling or skincare at Aqua Vitality, don’t hesitate to contact us via the button below. 


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