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What Is The O- Shot Procedure?

The O-Shot, or Orgasm Shot, is a natural, non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting platelet-rich plasma into the clitoris and the vaginal wall. The O-Shot uses growth factors in the PRP to rejuvenate the vagina, increase orgasm function and reduce urinary incontinence.

As we age, our bodies begin to change. Childbirth, and the natural changes that come with getting older, may leave the vaginal wall less responsive, making sex less satisfying. The O-shot can help restore function lost to these changes. At Aqua Vitae, our practitioners were trained in Beverly Hills by Syliva Silvestri, RN on the O-Shot procedure.

How Does The O-Shot Work?

The O-shot uses growth factors in the platelet rich plasma to rejuvenate the vagina. The growth factors in the PRP activate localized stem cells. The stem cells in turn stimulate and rejuvenate the clitoris, which helps to provide vaginal lubrication and repair the vaginal wall. The O-shot injection into the vagina has also been demonstrated to be 90% effective for urinary stress incontinence.

O-Shot Benefits

The O-Shot rejuvenates and revitalizes vaginal and clitoral function, alleviates bladder leakage, and provides dramatically improved sensitivity and significantly enhanced sexual drive. As a minimally-invasive treatment that does not involve adding hormones to the body, the O-shot is an effective and convenient solution for women who wish to rejuvenate their sex lives and improve vaginal function.

Some of the benefits of the O-Shot include:

  • Amazing Orgasms! More frequent! Longer!
  • Increased clitoral stimulation
  • Increased natural lubricationIncreased sexual desire
  • Improved symptoms of urinary incontinence
  • Decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse)
  • Pinker, younger, color of the vulva
  • Increased arousal from G-spot stimulation
  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina)

How Much Does The O-Shot Cost?

At Aqua Vitae, the O-Shot procedure takes between 45-60 minutes from start to finish. There is no downtime and you can be sexually active the same day. Call (843) 936-1658 for details and pricing.



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