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Hormones can wreak havoc on both your physical and mental health. If you suffer from a hormone imbalance you may notice the following symptoms:

- Hot flashes
- Vaginal dryness
- Poor sleep patterns
- Difficulty concentrating
- Memory loss
- Low sex drive, or no interest in sex
- Weight gain
- Mood swings
- Chronic fatigue

If you are dealing with these symptoms, schedule a Hormone Consultation with one of our medical providers to determine if one of our hormone treatments can help.

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a popular treatment that involves some simple lab work. By isolating the platelets in your blood, we can inject them back into your skin or wherever you are getting treatment. These platelets have incredible self-renewing properties that can help your cells repair themselves from damage.

We offer PRP treatments for your skin, including PRP facials that can be combined with microneedling and dermal fillers. You can also take advantage of the Vampire Breast Lift, which is a non-surgical way to enhance your breasts. Or PRP for hair restoration, which can produce a thick, full head of hair.

Our main focus is to help women transform their sexual health and wellness for the better.
We offer a range of services to correct female sexual dysfunction, including:

The O Shot - a Platelet-Rich Plasma injection that can change the frequency and intensity of your orgasms.

Juliet Laser Rejuvenation - A laser treatment that can correct vaginal atrophy, dryness, pain during intercourse, while tightening and smoothing the vaginal area.

Female Sexual Drive Treatment - Along with the two services listed above, our providers can also provide estrogen skin creams and hormone therapies to correct a low sex drive in women.

Our collection of body contouring treatments can reshape your body by firming, tightening, and toning any trouble areas. These areas often include the belly, arms, and thighs. Treatments come in the form of heating, cooling, or ultrasound lasers that kill fat cells and shrink loose skin. With any service, we recommend at least three to six sessions to ensure lasting results you will love.

Learn more about SculpSure and Ultrashape for toning, or Velashape and PelleFirm for cellulite reduction.

As we get older, the use of injectables can help us to slow down the unpleasant effects of aging. By erasing wrinkles and fine lines, and filling areas that have lost volume, we can essentially turn back the clock for a youthful, plump complexion. When administered by a professional, the results are natural and longer lasting.

We offer the top injectables in the industry, including Botox, Dysport, Juvéderm and Restylane.

Many women come into our office knowing they want to see a change in how they look, but they’re not sure where to start. Rest assured that we can guide you on which services will give you the most value, as our medical providers are here to help you look and feel your best.

All of our services can be combined for the ultimate transformation. Simply schedule an appointment with us, let us know what your needs are, and we will point you in the right direction!

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