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What Is PRP Hair Restoration?

Aqua Vitae offers a PRP hair restoration treatment for both men and women in Charleston and Greenville SC. We use PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, to help your own hair follicles become larger and healthier, giving you a thicker, fuller head of hair. This non-surgical treatment is the natural, safe solution to hair restoration.

PRP hair restoration is a simple, safe and natural alternative to invasive surgery. PRP is taken from your own blood. Nothing artificial is used in the process. We draw a small amount of your blood and place it in our centrifuge. This process separates the platelets from the blood and creates Platelet Rich Plasma. We then inject the PRP into areas in your scalp which you would like increased hair growth. The PRP possesses growth factors that in turn stimulate hair growth. You can have a fuller head of hair without the need for a surgical procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration

PRP is your own blood separated into plasma and concentrated in a centrifuge. The plasma in this procedure contains a concentrated amount of platelets and other growth factors. The platelets are crucial to this procedure. These healing proteins repair and regenerate tissue. This stimulates healing and develops new blood vessels. The proteins actually utilize stem cells in the area to naturally regenerate your tissue. PRP is beneficial for increasing hair growth by stimulating your body’s own follicles. The result is a natural way to have you looking better, younger and healthier. Your hair will be fuller and you will feel great.

PRP Hair Restoration Benefits

PRP Hair Restoration has many benefits which include:

  • Better, thicker hair
  • No downtime
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Simple and safe
  • Natural look



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