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Thyroid Hormone Management Therapy

An underactive thyroid, hypothyroidism, can lead to unexpected weight gain, fatigue, and even depression. Its symptoms are often misdiagnosed as unavoidable byproducts of aging. Aqua Vitae offers thyroid hormone management therapy to help alleviate symptoms and restore you to optimal wellness. Millions of Americans suffer from avoidable chronic joint aches, sensitivity to cold, dry skin and menstrual irregularities. However, to remedy these frustrating and life-altering ailments, they must have a physician who knows how to appropriately diagnose thyroid disorders.

Thyroid Testing

Thyroid tests are blood tests that check how well the thyroid gland is regulating the way the body uses energy. Physicians usually request only a TSH and perhaps a T4 level, but these are insufficient. To get a complete picture of thyroid function you also need to measure Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 as well as thyroid antibodies. If these levels are not also checked by a doctor who knows what to look for, a patient could continue to struggle with weight gain, fatigue, and headache without explanation.

Hypothyroidism Treatment

Thorough and individualized testing is an essential key to identifying and treating thyroid disorders. Conditions such as fatigue and muscle aches can be debilitating and persistent if the proper tests are not administered. Aqua Vitae’s experienced team in Charleston knows what to look for. Once thyroid levels are accurately diagnosed, our medical staff can recommend treatments that can quickly and effectively alleviate your symptoms.

We understand that every patient is different. You no longer need to accept fatigue, joint aches, and weight gain as unavoidable consequences of aging. We offer comprehensive and individualized supplement and prescription treatments that can relieve symptoms of hypothyroidism quickly. These range from custom vitamins and iodine rich supplements to prescription strength replacement therapies. The medical team at Aqua Vitae specializes in custom treatment plans that are administered and tracked by experienced medical professionals.



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