How to Get a Bikini Body: Treatments, Tips, and More

Summer will be arriving soon! The season where some women look forward to breaking out their tank tops, jean shorts, and bikinis, while others dread the thought of putting on a swimsuit. 

While every body is a bikini body, there are a few steps you can take to feel extra confident while lounging in the sun. Continue reading to discover five treatments you can receive to smooth and sculpt your bikini body just in time for summer

1. Body Contouring

Have you been eating healthy and hitting the gym, yet still have stubborn fat in certain areas? You’re not alone! Oftentimes, fat in problem areas such as the belly, love handles, and thighs can be resistant to diet and exercise. However, all hope is not lost. Body contouring treatments can help you tone and tighten these trouble spots so you can achieve your ideal body ASAP. 

Below you will find more information about the non-invasive body contouring treatments we offer here at Aqua Vitality to decide which is right for you. 


One of our most popular body contouring treatments, SculpSure utilizes light-based technology to target and destroy 24% of treated fat cells. This FDA-approved treatment is non-invasive and only takes roughly 25 minutes to complete. Areas that can be treated with SculpSure include the belly, love handles, back, inner and outer thighs, and under the chin. 


VelaShape is another body contouring system used for both circumferential and cellulite reduction. This treatment uses a combination of infrared light, bi-polar radiofrequency energy, and vacuum in order to heat fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue, and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This results in a reduction of body fat as well as smoother skin texture in areas such as the arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and more. 


A non-thermal ultrasound system for body contouring, UltraShape delivers energy waves to fat cells in order to permanently eliminate them. This treatment is FDA-approved to reduce body fat in the abdomen and flank region by roughly 30%. Unlike other treatments, UltraShape does not use a freezing or heating mechanism. 

It is important to note that multiple sessions of these treatments may be required to achieve your ideal results. Please schedule a consultation to determine how many body contouring sessions you will need to reach your goals. 

2. Vitamin B12 Injections 

As swimsuit season rolls around, you may start to become a little more health-conscious. One way to slim your waistline while simultaneously improving your overall health is to receive vitamin B12 injections. By enabling red blood cells to carry more oxygen, vitamin B12 is known to boost your energy levels. That way, you will have more energy to hit the gym and crush those workouts. 

What’s more, vitamin B12 also speeds up your metabolism, allowing your body to break down stored fat even faster. In addition to helping you lose weight, these injections also support healthy, glowing skin and will improve your overall mood just in time for summer fun. 

3. Laser Stretch Mark Removal 

Although stretch marks are completely natural and normal, the appearance of these discoloration lines may have you less-than-excited for bikini season. If removing these pesky marks will help you feel more comfortable in your skin, we recommend checking out laser stretch mark removal. This treatment works by emitting pulses of laser light onto the affected area, which then triggers collagen production in order to remove dead skin and reveal new tissue. As a result, the appearance of stretch marks fades to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. 

The laser stretch mark removal process is simple and relatively pain-free — lasting roughly 30 minutes. There is little to no downtime, and you will begin to notice the benefits in just a few weeks. Full results are visible between one and three months following treatment, so receiving the treatment in the winter or spring is recommended if you are looking to prepare for summertime. 

4. PelleFirm Cellulite Treatment

Similar to stretch marks, cellulite is a completely natural occurrence that happens as a result of fat pushing up against the skin. This leads to a lumpy texture protruding from the skin’s surface. Cellulite is very common, with over 90% of women of various ages and sizes experiencing it. 

If the appearance of cellulite is troubling to you, we recommend looking into PelleFirm cellulite treatment. This non-invasive treatment uses radiofrequency energy in combination with a  massage to deeply heat tissue and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. We recommend receiving maintenance treatments every six to eight months for best results. 

5. Laser Hair Removal 

There’s nothing worse than putting on your bikini just to realize you forgot to shave, or worse — you have to grow out your body hair because you have a waxing appointment coming up. Never have to worry about this situation again with laser hair removal! By sending a beam of light into the hair’s pigment, laser hair removal damages the follicle so it is unable to regrow — resulting in permanent hair removal. 

The laser hair removal process is simple and relatively painless — most patients describe the sensation as similar to a rubber band snapping lightly on the skin. The length of the process depends on the size of the area being treated and typically ranges from just minutes up to an hour. Most patients will need six sessions to achieve total hair removal, which is why we offer special package pricing when you buy multiple treatments. Following laser hair removal, getting ready for the beach or pool will only require throwing on your bikini and grabbing your sunblock (and maybe a cocktail, too!). 

Every Body is a Bikini Body at Aqua Vitality 

Last but not least, the ultimate key to looking amazing in a bikini is confidence! That’s why our mission at Aqua Vitality is to help you feel comfortable in your own skin. As a women’s health clinic, we offer customizable treatments designed to promote beauty and wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to improve your self-esteem by reducing fat, smoothing skin, or preventing aging, we provide a variety of treatments to help you achieve your goals. 

To learn more about any of our beauty, health, or wellness treatments, please contact us by clicking the button below. 


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