Both Dysport and Botox are forms of botulinum toxin type A, which is extracted for safe use in humans to relax muscles and decrease movement. Biologically and chemically, they are almost identical, both containing the same 150 kilodalton active core. Dysport does have greater variability in the size and molecular weight of the proteins attached to this core, which Botox has a consistent size and weight of 900 kilodaltons. Clinically, this does lead to some differences discussed below. What is most important is that they use the exact same mechanism of action in the muscle.

Both products relax muscle tissue and prevent it from responding to the nerve impulses that control muscle contraction. Repeated muscle contractions are the cause of those wrinkles that so many people want to eliminate. Over time, smiling and squinting result in crows’ feet around your eyes, frowning creates lines between your brows and raising your eyebrows etches forehead lines. Dysport and Botox seek to reduce the appearance of these lines; with regular upkeep and visits to certified injection specialists with a focus on a natural-looking anti-aging aesthetic, you will find you look rejuvenated and more youthful, not frozen or scary like the media likes to report.

Introducing the botulinum toxin in small, injected amounts temporarily blocks contractions in the treated muscle area and relaxes it, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Both Dysport and Botox help improve the appearance of facial lines in this way. When the treatment fades, the lines reappear. Repeated injections are necessary, and your injection specialist will tell you when you should come in again for touch-up treatments.

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