Ashley Harwyn Bio

Ashley Harwyn PA-C, is a Board Certified Physician Assistant certified in Family Medicine and Women’s Health. She graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2013. Since then she has worked in a wide range of roles with an emphasis on Family Medicine, OBGYN, Sexual Dysfunction Therapy, and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.  She moved here from Maui and has lived in several different places around the world; bringing a unique perspective to her medical care. In addition, Ashley has had the good fortune to attend medical mission trips to Uganda, Nicaragua, and most recently Vietnam.  It is because of these experiences, touching the lives of those in need, that she found her true passion for healing.

Ashley Harwyn ’s goal is to provide expert and compassionate health care to those in need of medical attention. Everyone deserves quality care, no matter their background, and she takes great pride in her holistic approach and treatment philosophy; incorporating diet, physical, and emotional health into her diagnosis and treatment plan.  Knowing her patients and their quality of life, and not just their illness, allows her to serve her clients more accurately and intimately.  Ashley’s greatest talent is that she has always been able to make people feel at ease and content, regardless of their current situation.

Regardless of any specialization, primary health care is the foundation. Her balanced and holistic approach, combined with the expertise and support of Low Country Male and Aqua Vitae iVitality Spa, helps unify all of our combined medical specialties, resulting in the best possible care to our patients.  Ashley strives to have a long-lasting positive influence on those that she treats, and is always humbled by the faith placed in her to heal each patient.